J's Delectables


Food Services


Event Catering

Southern Home Style

Let's make your next big event a delectable one. Order catering for your big wedding day, a birthday or for any type of gathering. J's Delectables provides an array of meal options for each and every guest all while fitting the theme of any occasion. 

Custom Cake

Choose your batter, icing & infusions

Every great event needs a decadent cake to match and J's Delectables will help you build yours from the ground up. Choose from a variety of batters; everything from chocolate and vanilla to red velvet and lemon. Then top it with your favorite icings and confections. Need something a little bit more manageable for your guests? Custom order our special cupcakes with everything a custom cake could be and infused with your favorite liqueur.


Personal Chef

Breakfast, lunch & dinner

Let's face it, you're too busy during the week to come up with creative meals everyday for your family to enjoy. Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner J's Delectables can whip up a meal for each part of the day. Have cooked meals for a day or even as long as a week!