J's Delectables

Jesiyca Gardner


How it all began

It all began in 2009 when one custom request turned into many and there after a series of orders for parties in the neighborhood. In 2010 a steady pace of clientele came pouring in and J's Delectables was founded, offering Custom cakes and cookies. In 2013 Founder Jessie Gardner began researching the healthier aspect of food and desserts. Soon after J's Delectables began offering vegan based sweets, showcasing and testing at different sport/health facilities and gyms. By 2014 Gardner began to expand J's Delectables Menu even more by offering Meal options to those who wished to have a full party catered by J's Delectables. Now Today J's Delectables offers 100% organic and or Vegan foods and desserts to the health conscious and sweet tooth alike. She believes no one should have to choose between Healthy food and good food, both are absolutely possible with J's Delectables.